Rules of the Game for SEO

Ethical SEO Practices

One thing that most novice web site owners don’t know is that there are distinct rules laid down by each search engine for placement. Unless you are using a “pay per click” service, getting high ranking for your site can be frustrating at best, a waste of money and time at worst. With each search engine, there are certain “algorithms” set by the vast computers that run each search engine’s system.

The algorithms change in time as each search engine acquires new information about how to do a better job of properly indexing the millions of sites out there they are required to give results for. It is not the search engine’s intent to deliberately ignore certain web sites or pages. Unless of course the owner of that site or page is breaking spam rules or over submitting. We only use ethical practices when implementing SEO for a real estate website.

Patience is a Virtue

There are no absolutes or pre-defined search engine protocol which can help you gain top website rankings quickly. This process can take weeks, even months. Patience is a much-needed ingredient for any website owner when it comes to this type of work.

Only the best practices, experience and highly knowledgeable SEO Company can help you achieve long-term success by executing strategic internet marketing.  Building a long-term high search engine ranking requires internet marketing research, implementation and patience. The benefit of this internet marketing strategy is that a well optimized website will retain high search engine rankings for a long time. Contact us now for an affordable search engine optimization campaign for your real estate website by our expert Search Engine Optimization Consultants. We will help your website attain top 10 search engine rankings for the neighborhoods you work in.

Constant Upkeep

The top rankings on any of the major search engines can change at any time. Just because a site gains top rankings in various search engine properties today does not mean you can count on those same rankings next month, or next week for that matter. However we have been very fortunate to maintain our top rankings for our clients for the last several years. This requires constant work and effort. Rankings rise and fall depending on many external events. Every search property adjusts its algorithms, adds new websites to its index, or otherwise changes the way in which it displays search results.

Because of all the varying factors your professional services firm must respond to, and address each change to ensure your site’s continued visibility to keep your company name, area focus and services in the path of your most highly qualified prospects. Your Search Engine Optimization Specialists must respond to all these changes, as well as changes within your specific industry, to analyze your competitor’s sites, and apply all and any changes in your website content as needed. We will do that for you!

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