Web Ranking and Positioning Reports

You have to know where you stand…

Page Ranking

Each client has a need to know if the money they are spending on website optimization or internet marketing is paying off. That is why we provide a report on your website’s page ranking across the top 10 search engines, using 10 of the most obvious search strings that a potential client of your service would use.

You See What We See

Most services that provide search engine optimization will provide you with similar reports, but at a substantial cost to you. At Real Organic SEO, the report is automatically part of the service at no extra charge. We believe that you have the right to know where your site stands on the search engines and you shouldn’t have to pay extra to know this information. After all, isn’t that what you hired your search engine optimization specialist to do?

Screenshot sample of a report from a Real Estate website.

The above report sample shows 10 search strings against one search engine. From the report our clients can tell where they appear, how they rank against certain search strings and also how they are positioned against their competition.

Huge Time Saver

Without having to go to each search engine and try to find their site, our clients can simply look at the report and tell how they are ranked on the various search engines in one nice neat and tidy report… each month!

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