SEO for Real Estate Websites

Here you get to see an example of a website that has been optimized for real estate and homes in the Nashville area. Unique text on the front page and other pages throughout the site is very important to indexing on search engines. Without unique text, your site will more than likely go ignored. Search engine computers are trained to ignore sites that have text that appears on other sites!
Goodlettsville TN Homes for Sale

SEO Points for Style

Another thing that search engines look for these days are text boxes that appear when your cursor is placed over them. Go ahead and place your cursor over the above link without clicking it. See that text box appear? An image with no text box is essentially dead weight on a page. This item is called an “alt tag” or “title tag”, and we will make your images and links work for you! Just one of many things to be done to a real estate website for optimization purposes.


Links are a vital part of a site’s ability to be recognized as well. By demonstrating a willingness to allow those visiting your site the option of leaving your site, you gain favorability. Not to say that any old link will do, the links must be toward another site that is popular and has in some way something to do with what your site is about. For example, a real estate website would want to link with another real estate website, not a hardware store.

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Payment Options

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